In our office, we have a Samsung SCX-6555n printer with latest driver (v. 3.04) installed on all machines.

For low the costs, we want to enable User and password for local copies on printer and for network printing.

We enable default accounting on printer and create accounts for all users.

For local copies, the user needs to type its username/password and all copies are debited from its quota.

For network printer jobs, user needs to type its username/password on the driver in a tab named "Printer". In this tab, he/she clicks "Job Accouting" button and type the information.

My problem is the tab of driver is disabled for all normal users (only admins can type username/password).

There's no GPO restrictions about the driver and I could see the driver records username/password on registry, at LOCAL_MACHINE key, so the normal user cannot access this key for read/write and then, the driver disables the tab because of this restriction.

Any ideas how to make job accounting to work with normal users? Change registry permissions is out of question (more than 300 machines)!

Someone know if exists a Samsung Driver that asks the user for username/password everytime he/she makes a network printing job?