Hi all,

I've just read, and hopefully helped on, [URL="http://www.edugeek.net/forums/windows/27948-offline-files-not-switching-over.html"the offline files not switching over/URL] thread, hoping it was a similar problem to this. Unfortunately it wasn't.

So, is anybody able to shed any light on this problem?

I'm somewhat stumped with this XP offline files problem. We have some SEN students that are assigned laptops and they're allowed to take these home to continue working.

One student has no problems with offline files at all. The other appears to work successfully but only the folders are synchronised, not the files. They both run the same version of Windows, XP, and even the hardware is the same (not that hardware should matter).

The users are in the same OU so they're being affected by the same GPOs (there's no changes to the security settings) and their computers are also in the same OU as each other so again, same GPO.

I've created 2 new users, copies of the working and non working, and attempted to logon to the "broken user's" laptop - the same happens, only folders are synchronised.

Any thoughts anyone? Otherwise it might be a rebuild...