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    Windows XP Home logon problem

    Any help with this one?

    I have a 6 year old laptop running Windows XP Home. All of a sudden, it will not log into Windows. It accepts the password, then flashes the wallpaper screen, then immediately logs me off. I have tried Administrator mode and Safe Mode but they all do same thing. Because I canít get in I cannot re-load Windows. Do you know why this has happened and what the solution might be?

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    windows repair?

    boot with ERD commander and system restore?

    Ive seen this before where the profiles can be corrupt or something nasty is stopping it logging on.

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    Usually it is something messy that has replaced a system file or a really busted registry (thanks to malware), repair install may be the simplest solution as if it is effecting safe mode it is in really deep. The long winded 'extreme' way would be to go in and manually restore the registry hives from system restore over the current ones and rename all of the profile folders forcing it to build a new one on logon. This still won't fix a dodgy system file but will get around a multitude of evil that relies on and hides in the user profiles, user registry hives and machine registry hives. How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting

    Otherwise a live CD like UBCD4Win and a host of scanning tools may do the trick.

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