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Windows Thread, Svchost.exe running 100% in Technical; Got a problem atm in our network. When booting up svchost.exe runs at 100% for a couple of minutes and ...
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    Svchost.exe running 100%

    Got a problem atm in our network. When booting up svchost.exe runs at 100% for a couple of minutes and the memory keeps jumping up to above 100mb, then it just calms itself down and everything runs fine

    Ive run Process Explorer but cant quite track donw what it is thats causing it but i have a suspition its wuauclt.exe (im aware svchost is just a host for services to run on)

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Svchost.exe running 100%

    You have a WSUS Server and it has office updates on it. There is a KB and a hotfix, the hotfix doesn't work. At the moment all I have been able to do is turn updates off as when it checks during the day everyone thinks their computer has crashed and restarts it. It uses *all* the cpu with high priority for around two minutes. I am going to reinstall my wsus server without office updates soon to see if that helps.

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