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Windows Thread, Advanced file permissions in XP Home in Technical; Does anyone know how to set advanced file permissions on machines running Windows XP Home? I have a problem with ...
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    Advanced file permissions in XP Home

    Does anyone know how to set advanced file permissions on machines running Windows XP Home?

    I have a problem with Sherston 'Problem Solvers' which won't run on limited user accounts because of not having full read/write access to the folder in Program Files. I have been onto Sherston support before about this issue with other titles, and they told me to disable Simple File Sharing, and give Everyone full access to the folder. Works fine on XP Pro, but I can't work out how to do it on Home, because Simple Sharing can't be disabled.

    I found a tip online to change permissions via Safe Mode, but I have a number of machines to do, and this is going to be pretty tedious. I'm hoping there's a simpler way.


    P.S. We are using Home because the school's preferred supplier provides that with new machines. I know we should be on Professional, I know Professional is cheap on School Agreement, but changing is not an option for solving this problem - it'd never be sanctioned.

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    Re: Advanced file permissions in XP Home

    Try using a cmd line program like setacl or cacls.

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    Re: Advanced file permissions in XP Home

    if you boot the machine into safe mode you can change advanced permissions there on xp home done it myself very easy this is a good site to tell you how to do it http://www.tweakhound.com/xp/xpperm/xpPerm1.htm i have used the first two ways and they work

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