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Windows Thread, Document/File Sync With Hosted Server in Technical; Hi, I have been wondering about this for a while and i have done a few searches but not found ...
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    Document/File Sync With Hosted Server


    I have been wondering about this for a while and i have done a few searches but not found anything that seems to work with Remote Locations as of yet, nothing of which is free anyway.

    I am guessing most people have now used/heard of DropBox which allows you to sync files to online storage for free and it works very well i must say and i have been using it myself, but i was wondering if anyone knows of a peice of software that would allow me to do the same but sync files with personal remote hosted server space?

    It would be usfull for me to be able to sync my personal documents, images etc between my desktop,laptop and netbook but was hoping to use my own storage rather than dropbox.. i am more than happy to pay for more space with dropbox but just wondered if this was possible.



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    I think that livemesh does this https://www.mesh.com/Welcome/overvie...view_sync.aspx

    could be worth a look.

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    I pay out for the 50GB dropbox version and its one the of the most useful things I've ever used.

    (I use it to sync my technican folder across all my servers and home machine)

    I think I'll see if the Mesh version would be useful to setup for teachers instead of email since I had to ban USBs at one school following a conficker problem

    The trouble will prob being the fact they'll need to have their class machines and their laptops on at the same time to sync back up


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    Depending on what platforms you're using you may be able to use Unison File Synchronizer

    It's not in active development anymore, but works quite nicely.

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