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Windows Thread, ISA 2000 to 2004 questions. in Technical; We have on our network ISA 2000 which was set up by the guy from the LEA. All we use ...
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    ISA 2000 to 2004 questions.

    We have on our network ISA 2000 which was set up by the guy from the LEA. All we use it for is for caching, ban certain sites, creaet usage reports etc. I want to upgrade to 2004 but have not got much experience of ISA. I did a fresh install of 2004 on a test box. I saved the config file from our 2000 box and loaded the settings into my new 2004 test box on the domain. All the settings, destination set, reports etc where there but i could nt get it to work. I think it was the firewall but could not figure it out, hence to say i gave up because i did not have the time then to spend on it.

    All we want 2004 to do to start with is the same as 2000 has been doing. i would like to start afresh so i could set it up myslef as you tend to remember more. i cannot ask the LEA guy as he has left and no on else can do it.

    How easy or hard is it to set up to do what 2000 is already doing at the moment.? Once i have got it set up this way i will experiment with more of its settings later.

    I have purchased Tom Shindlers ISA 2004 book but it willtake me months to read it and i don' think i need to know all of it to do what we want our 2004 box to do?

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    Re: ISA 2000 to 2004 questions.


    I just did that this summer - did exactly as you described and it worked a treat so would suggest giving it another go... The thing to watch is the network adapter settings for your two nics - they must be spot on to avoid problems, particularly with dns. You have Shindlers list (!) which specifies the settings you need to use. The way I suggest is to remove the old server from the network and then use the same IP addys that it had on the new server then make any necessary manual changes to DNS for the new machine name. Often ISA servers will have been given specific IPs for a reason and using different ones can muck things up!

    Good luck....

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