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Windows Thread, Outlook Express 6 problem in Technical; Just got this through and I'm drawing a blank (not helped by no sleep for 30+ hours due to sick ...
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    Outlook Express 6 problem

    Just got this through and I'm drawing a blank (not helped by no sleep for 30+ hours due to sick child!).

    My friend's OE will not print the full body of his Outlook Express 6 letters: it prints the heading and the middle bar, but will not print the body of the letter, and I am worried out his continued sanity.
    Any suggestions before I bail and suggest reinstalling OE6 or upgrading to Live Mail?

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    I know it seems randomly weird but check deleted items, sent items and inbox are not overly full, i've had those folders casue very weird issues including not printing at all, emails sending 5 time and mail downloading and never appearing.

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    If you forward the e-mail (is it one or many?) to a Hotmail or Gmail account and print it from there what happens? If it's the same I'd say it's either a printer or driver problem.

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