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Windows Thread, Deploying MSI - Is this accurate? in Technical; Hey all, Little advice needed. Am trying to deploy an MSI over the network for the very first time in ...
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    Deploying MSI - Is this accurate?

    Hey all,

    Little advice needed. Am trying to deploy an MSI over the network for the very first time in my life and am a little bit worried about following the instructions provided by an educational software provider. Though they are extremely basic and easy to follow, I quite frankly just don't trust them.

    So I wondered if someone here could confirm these details are accurate and they haven't missed any vital info out?

    1. Go into active directory
    2. Select domain >> properties >> group policy tab
    3. Select current default domain policy and click edit
    4. Select computer configuration then software settings
    5. Using 'software installation' select new >> package
    6. Enter path to MSI and click open
    7. On 'deploy software window' that appears, select 'assigned' radio button.

    They then go on to talk about file permissions, though I am not sure any of that is needed. I think by default it should inherit the standard permissions?

    Finally, they say to enter gpupdate /force into run.


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    Re: Deploying MSI - Is this accurate?


    The instructions look good to me- although I personally don't use the Default Domain policy for software deployments (personal preference).

    I have a hidden shared directory on the file server that I put all the MSI files in for deployment (It's setup with \users having readonly access, and SYSTEM and Domain Admins with full control).

    gpupdate /force will certainly cause the machine to do a complete policy refresh, but it shouldn't be necessary (unless you are running wireless where the network sometimes isn't ready by the time the machine comes to update at boot)

    This system of application deployment is my favourite method and I'd be happy to discuss it with you in more detail.


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    Re: Deploying MSI - Is this accurate?

    You are usually best putting your computers into some kind of OU structure eg
    Curriculum PCs and then inside that room or area OUs with the computer objects in. You can then assign a GPO to that top level OU. Leave the Default domain policy as it is as suggested above. If you want to use that method then create a new policy at the same level and edit that and that way you cant mess up your default domain policy.

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    Re: Deploying MSI - Is this accurate?


    You realy need to sit down and have a good think about how your going to structure and organize everything.

    You need AD setup with OUs for each dept or room. Also remember if you have software that goes on the teachers machine but not the students you'll need to structure for that.

    Then think about where all your packages are going to reside. You dont want to be moving them about or you'll end up with all your MSIs redeploying and the teachers moaning the computers are "slow".

    Also you may have to plan for how, when and how many PCs will recieve the MSIs at once - as this may make your network grind to a halt.

    Also one last thing, remember that the server on which the MSIs are stored will get one big ht when the deployment starts, so putting MSIs on a DC or webserver etc will be a bad idea. We have them spaced between 2 app servers, to be moved to the one eventually, then OS deployment from the other.

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