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    ARRR HELP !!! Lacie Nas Drive Failure !!!!

    hi all,

    As you guessed our Lacie Ethernet NAS disk crashed today and now wont boot back into its Win XP Embedded OS !!

    Its a
    LaCie Ethernet Disk
    19” RACK NAS I Windows® XP Embedded

    Its has 4 x 500gig Sata Drives for the main storage that making up one single 2tb disk.
    Lacie suggests using a recovery image, but unfortunetly that also recreates all partitions!

    I need to get the data off the drive/s.
    I have made up a BartPE boodisk, but with this i cant see the Scsi array, I can only see the C drive.

    Would someone be able to please suggest a way that they would recover the data?
    Preferably over Ethernet etc but i can also copy to USB HD.

    Am i going about this the right way, by using a bootdisk. Im guessing i will need to load the scsi drivers? Would i be able to maybe find them on the C drive?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I've never used a drive like this so this is probably a bit vague.

    Boot off the BartPE disc and go into device manager - you should be able to see some kind of storage controller in the list of unrecognised devices. Take a note of its device ID string (the bit that goes something like PCI\VEN_1234&5678&SUBSYS <etc>)

    You now need to find the driver for that - go to pcidatabase.com and look up the vendor code and device code; this should tell you what the controller is.

    Now try and get the drivers for it. You can either try and get them from the manufacturer site or you can look in the C: drive on the NAS - have a look in the windows\inf folder.

    I've not use XP Embedded so I don't know if it's the same as Windows normally but if it is then you should find some OEM*.inf files; look at each of them to see if they are the file for your controller. Once you've found the inf file, you should be able to read the contents and see the .sys file (and maybe others) which it uses. If you can get those then you might be able to load them into BartPE (the web site has details of how to add extra drivers)

    Having done all this, you ought to be able to see the discs; if you're lucky, the data will be written in a form that you can read but it may not be - the fact that you're saying it's a 2Tb device with 4 x 500Gb discs means that the data is presumably just striped across all the discs. This is effective in that it doesn't waste space but it also means that if 1 disc fails you could lose the lot.

  3. Thanks to srochford from:

    burgemaster (11th March 2010)

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    Thanks for the advice.

    But After trying several boot disks and drivers (and failing), i left the room and came back in to see it had managed to boot correctly !!!

    While it was back up and working I copied all the files off !!


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