Ok, I know on the wonderful World Wide Web there are a few instance of issues similar to the one I am about to describe, but nothing which has even come close to resolving my issue.

When using premiere pro, after a clean install i must add, we have a problem that once we have imported an MP3 track or a VOB, the file conforms and seems to have finished this process, however if we try and preview the audio file, or put it into a sequence, the last 20-30 seconds of the track are muted. Also, and red circle with a white "X" in it appears in the bottom right hand corner of the premiere window, with an error saying "The file is busy, and couldn't be used".

I have tried a fair few things with this:

The file definitely works with another media player, e.g. Window Media Player, VLC
I have created a fresh OS and Install of CS4, same issues encountered
Changed project type
Used uncompressed AVI codecs
Changed sample rates etc

They are just a few basics I've tried, the list could be alot longer!

What I've found is interesting however. The problem occurs on any machine and on any Operating System. If I import the MP3 or VOB, export it as the same file format and re-import, the file works no problem. If we mess around importing and deleting, playing the file etc, eventually it will work.

It seems as if the media is pending forever, and sometimes will never work? I'm extremely frustrated by this, having had no problems with the properly "finished" CS3.

Any ideas or solutions would be a Godsend!