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Windows Thread, In praise of- Ninite in Technical; I recently had to reformat a laptop running Windows 7 RC and re-install Vista to avoid the software time limits ...
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    In praise of- Ninite

    I recently had to reformat a laptop running Windows 7 RC and re-install Vista to avoid the software time limits on the RC.

    I really wasn't looking forward to re-installing all the software I needed to make it a productive machine again so I was thrilled to come across Bulk installing software with Ninite | Enterprise | Real World Computing | PC Pro.

    I selected all the open software I wanted to use and run the executable it provided me with- it then downloaded and installed each item in turn.

    The total time to install twenty-four packages (including several large ones such as OO) was exactly twenty minutes, during which I had nothing more onerous to do than drink tea and talk to my wife.

    Obviously this doesn't remove the pain of moving files and settings between machines but it did leave me with a machine with everything I needed to work with the minimum of time and effort.

    See Ninite Easy PC Setup - Silent Unattended Install Multiple Programs At Once

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    torledo (6th March 2010)

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    Its a brilliant site I used it only today

    For after you install Windows 7

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    I use it all the time with customers PCs. It lets me do more useful things like blowing people up online on my xbox....!

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