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Windows Thread, Reverse Proxy? in Technical; Just been told we might possibly have to have a reverse proxy set up to use our learning platform when ...
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    Reverse Proxy?

    Just been told we might possibly have to have a reverse proxy set up to use our learning platform when it gets finally setup, excuse the maybe simple question but what would that involve, another box in school? or just setting change on the server? Heard the terminology many times before but never looked in to it further than that. We won't have to do anything just would like to find out a bit more info. Di the usual google but fraid it just left me more in the dark! Simple answers please!

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    It's just a piece of software that you'd put in front of the webserver to hide the server from the outside world but pass requests to the webserver... adds a layer of defense, can't fingerprint server.

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    it depends, you should not need new hardware, but that doesn't mean they won't try to flog you some!

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