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Windows Thread, Visual Studio 2003 in Technical; Hi, I am new to the forum, but was pondering on whether someone else's experinces could benefit me? I am ...
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    Visual Studio 2003

    Hi, I am new to the forum, but was pondering on whether someone else's experinces could benefit me?
    I am trying to deploy Visual Studio 2003 by using Active Directory combined with Group Policy and an MSI Package. I can successfully install the software, but when I come to run VS2003 IDE, it runs then immediately(?) closes again... :-(
    The most information I can find out is that my Product (PID) Key was incorrect in the setup.sdb file, which was suitably changed, but still no luck...
    Has anyone had any experience of installing this program successfully by using this process?

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    Re: Visual Studio 2003

    Can't help you with your problem I'm afraid - but just received a copy of VS 2003 this very morning! I've only got one license for me to use tho. What course are you running that requires it? Or maybe you are from a College or similar - perhaps you could put where you're from in your sig?

    Welcome to the forum.


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