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Windows Thread, IE + blocking downloads through GPO in Technical; I have been into a primary school today and some staff have complained to me that they cannot download anything ...
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    IE + blocking downloads through GPO

    I have been into a primary school today and some staff have complained to me that they cannot download anything from the Internet. I checked GPO and found that it was set to not allow any downloads. The school has MS 2000 Proxy server. I checked the Proxy server and all it seems to be configured to do is Cache, give a weekly report on usage and block certain websites.

    I have not much experience with Proxy 2000, I know you can probably set it to allow certain downloads. Now i also know that GPO can do this( i think)

    Can some one help set it in GPO so i don't have to spend time working out the Proxy Server. I know i can let them download stuff but can i only allow certain file extensions or can i allow all and stop certain extensions.

    I would really like to do it in GPO.

    I am only a junior tech but because of the NM illness i am going out to more and more schools and having to learn very quick.

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    Re: IE + blocking downloads through GPO

    I assume you mean ISA 2000 server? If so have a look at the tutorials @


    You can then allow downloads in the GPO and filter certain file types with ISA I am assuming although I have never used it myself .

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