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Windows Thread, Vague error in Technical; I'me just finishing off my column this moth and this one landed in: I have a problem with my email ...
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    Vague error

    I'me just finishing off my column this moth and this one landed in:

    I have a problem with my email contacts list. When I try to send an email I am told 'Message not sent. Please check all email addresses.
    Looks like one of them may not be formatted correctly.'

    Whenever I get an email I always click to add the address to my contacts list. I have even added myself to the contacts list. I can send an answer by pressing reply, but not otherwise. I'm using Vista Home Premium.
    I'm tired and keep getting results for Yahoo mail. Anyone else got any ideas?

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    Depending on the email client in use, is there another list? In Outlook, for instance, isn't there still a Contacts list but also an Address Book? Clutching at straws here, as you say it's late and I'm tired also.

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    Even though the person is saying that they are selecting the contact from the address book that they have saved the contact to previously using a previous received email, it might be worth asking them to double check that the email address has been inputted correctly into the "To" Field?


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    Ah ... I think I know what the problem is. They are using Vista Home Premium!

    On a serious note ... Export the address book and import it into something like thunderbird to check and validate the contacts are working properly (ie each name has an assigned email address in the contact). Then delete the knackered address book and all contacts, export from thunderbird and import into the address book.

    It is down to a corruption of the address book similar to when you outlook profile goes belly up and all your contacts are mangled (wrong numbers / email address / snail mail address in the different contacts). The only way to fix is to start again.

    There may be a simple fix for this ... like resetting an index somewhere, but $deity knows where.

    This was covered in one of the technet forums about 18 months ago IIRC ... possibly worth popping into there to double check.

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    Theres a comma in there somewhere, had this once or twice before. Just a manual error, and when sending to a mass audience if ones wrong they all fail.

    She/he could trouble shoot it, send the email to; say three contacts at a time in blocks and find the block that doesn't work

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