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Windows Thread, Adobe Reader 9.2 and 9.3 crash when started in Technical; Haha, ive just realised that i replied to the wrong post. I solved it by mapping a drive to the ...
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    Haha, ive just realised that i replied to the wrong post.

    I solved it by mapping a drive to the appdata share! All is running smoothly.

    I just fail to see why adobe couldnt have built support in for this ages ago!


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    Quote Originally Posted by rvdmast View Post
    The PRO menu items can be hidden in the free version with a simple registry setting, which we deployed through GPP.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tracker Software\PDFViewer\Registration\
    create a REG_DWORD called HideProFeatures and set it to 1

    Just this week i finally got soooo fed up with Adobe and installed PDF-XChange on all workstations, The MSI was a breeze to deploy.
    I did tweak the MSI a little (remove desktop icon etc...) and set a few Group policy preferences, and an hour later all of our workstations had Adobe removed and PDF-Xchange instead. I dont consider the lack of outlook Preview a great loss.
    Oh and btw, just noticed it does have a preview in Outlook!

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    If you donít want to remove the redirected folder settings, you can just trick Adobe by modifying a registry.
    HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer User Shell FoldersAppData
    This will have a value of the UNC path eg \serverusers%username%appdataroaming
    Change this to c:users%username%appdataroaming
    Doing it this way, you get to keep your folder redirection settings as well as tricking adobe so that it doesnít run.
    Please note that you have to make the registry changes everytime the user logs on, so you have to do it using login scripts or GPP or whatever login process you have for the users.

    Acrobat Reader uses up CPU time

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