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Windows Thread, Wierd Printer/Profile Problem in Technical; I've got a problem with one particular user, whenever they try to print to a one particular printer the printer ...
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    Wierd Printer/Profile Problem

    I've got a problem with one particular user, whenever they try to print to a one particular printer the printer is showing a status of Error with 33 documents waiting, when they print to it nothing happens. Other users (including the administrator account) are able to print to the printer without any problems whatsoever and it reports the correct status.

    The only thing we could think of having a hand in the problem was the users roaming profile. Getting rid of the profile on the server and local machines seem to fix the problem temporarly - it's not come back and I can't get rid of it.

    I've restorted to having a brand new roaming profile created on the server by changing the path in AD and the problem still exists, even after clearing out all of the local profiles from the machine they are printing from.

    I've also tried a local profile and still nothing.

    I'm now out of ideas! Anybody else got any??

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    Could it be certain document that they are printing all the time that is messing the printer up?

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