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Windows Thread, Dealing with incoming mail and leavers in exchange in Technical; Hi I am looking at a better way in dealing with staff leavers and what to do with their email ...
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    Dealing with incoming mail and leavers in exchange


    I am looking at a better way in dealing with staff leavers and what to do with their email account if a member of their team needs it open for a certain amount of time. We use Exchange 2007 Enterprise.

    What do other admins do in this situation?

    In most scenarios I would just delete their account. I am thinking for this user, maybe changing their password, login to it and create an out of office message so at least people emailing that person are aware.

    Is this the best way to do this? Are there any better ways of managing leavers in Exchange?


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    I use RM easymail, not exchange, and there may well be a better approach in exchange.

    I have 2 approaches to this.

    The first is as you suggest: password change, autoforward and out-of-office message.
    The second is to delete the account and create an alias with the same name onto the new recipient's account.

    I tend to use the second approach for admin staff leavers. For example when our H&S Manager retired, I forwarded her email for a while then swapped to option 2 to drop her mail into the new H&S manager's in-box.

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    a) Make sure leaver didn't use their email account as a file store. If so, get leaver to retrieve relevant stuff and dump to appropriate shared area. Archive to PST.
    b) Add leaver's email address to new_person as an alias.
    c) Keep .pst around just in case (generally, making the effort to keep it ensures you never need it).

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    Out of office goes on here, then after so long the account gets deleted, account is archived and backed up to a PST. If someone requires access it is passed to our Information Governance manager to approve request and then they have supervised access of the file.

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