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Windows Thread, Smartboard Driver Issues in Technical; Not sure if this is a windows xp problem or a problem with Smart board tools/Drivers. Basically the USB Smart ...
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    Smartboard Driver Issues

    Not sure if this is a windows xp problem or a problem with Smart board tools/Drivers.

    Basically the USB Smart Speakers are not being detected as the primary device on most of our Laptops.

    I've updated both the smart drivers and the usb hub drivers with no effect.

    Then I looked at the users profiles and deleted them (There are two types of profile here, local for the staff (with redirection) and mandatory with redirection for the pupils).

    Finally I cleared out the redirected appdata folders for the users and it worked the first time they logged in, but it had reverted the second time they logged in.

    As a work around does anyone know of a small app or script to forcefully change sound devices? - Users here have access to the volume control, but changes to the output device don't stick.

    Has anyone come across this before?

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    I guess you could try disabling any other sound devices if this is the only one they need.

    There are some script suggestions here but they look a bit complicated - must be an easier way...

    There's a couple of utilities to simplify the process of switching audio devices here. Still not exactly what you're after though.


    Using the command line options in QuickSoundSwitch is probably the best script-based workaround.

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