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Windows Thread, Method to check what's happening at boot? in Technical; HI all, I'm becoming slightly concerend with my boot times on my network. I have disabled a couple of GPOs ...
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    Method to check what's happening at boot?

    HI all,
    I'm becoming slightly concerend with my boot times on my network. I have disabled a couple of GPOs that I can do without for now, installations.

    Is there a way to monitor what is going on during the boot sequence at all? e.g What is going on when "Applying computer settings" is running.


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    Turn on user enviroment debug logging - How to enable user environment debug logging in retail builds of Windows. You'll get a log file which tells you what's going on and you can see which stages are slow.

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    As always, Russinovich has the answer - as long as you're happy getting down and dirty with the SysInternals tools.

    Mark's Blog : The Case of the Slow Logons

    EDIT: Whoops, just realised you need to check the boot time, not user logon... I'm sure there is a method for that too, will check.

    EDIT #2: It's even simpler than I thought, just load up ProcMon, go to Options > Enable Boot Logging, and reboot. The resulting trace file will be saved in the Windows directory, and it will keep monitoring until you reboot a second time or load up ProcMon.

    Another method entirely if you're using XP would be to use BootVis, but the report will not be as detailed. It will be easier to interpret, however.
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    Policy reporter does exactly what you want SysPro Software -> Policy Reporter

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