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Windows Thread, Random Quotes and facts list for MOTD in Technical; I want to start including a fact of the day or random quote on the desktop wallpaper on our PCs. ...
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    Random Quotes and facts list for MOTD

    I want to start including a fact of the day or random quote on the desktop wallpaper on our PCs. We use BGinfo to create the image along with a few tech facts (like the computer name) so users can easily access this when they call the helpdesk but I'd like to put something a little more thought provoking like a random famous quote or a KS3/KS4 curriculum topic fact (like "accelleration=velocity/time" or "Henry VII 1491-1547" or "Noble gases : helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe), and the radioactive radon (Rn)." or a message to do with the time of year "Merry Chistmas", "Happy Hanukke" etc.

    Does anyone know where I might get a list of famous quotes from?
    Does anyone know where I might get a list of one line facts from?

    I'm pretty sure I can knock up a VB script to choose an appropriate random message to display, I just need a list of messages.

    I took a quick look at wikipedia and wolfram alpha but extracting the information from the page was going to be time consuming.

    Any hints appreciated.

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    Are these websites of any use to you?

    Link 1: Welcome to Quotations Book - The Home of Famous Quotes [Home page of website 1]

    Link 2: Browse Random Quotes [Randon quote from website 1]

    Link 3: Famous Quotes: Hand Picked Funny, Inspirational and Love Quotes [Home page of website 2]

    Quote categories from website 2:

    Quote of the Day
    Search Inspirational Quotes
    Famous Quotes
    Love Quotes
    Friendship Quotes
    Chocolate Quotes
    Funny Quotes
    Patriotic Quotes
    Success Quotes
    Leadership Quotes
    Birthday Quotes
    Movie Quote
    Sports Quote
    Music Quote
    Christmas Quotes

    May be of use?

    Numerous quotes listed here:

    Link 4: http://www.todancewithangels.com/famousquotes.html

    Link 5: http://www.dmoz.org//Reference/Quotations// [Open Directory - Reference: Quotations]
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