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Windows Thread, Simple MS Exchange Queries in Technical; We have a rather "silly" setup at our school where our domain is part of a forest where the adjoninig ...
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    Simple MS Exchange Queries

    We have a rather "silly" setup at our school where our domain is part of a forest where the adjoninig college in the building next door control email filtering rules. The problem is that the college IT staff are in no way connected to the school and are notoruiously unhelpful.

    We have emails that are either just not arriving or being bounced back to the sender. I have read a config file sent to me from the college and in that is the stated bounce back message text. This backs up our rather useless off-site support company's claim that email rulings are set by the College at the top level domain policy.

    This is the email i have had from the college, can someone guide me to where on our exchange server i can find what they want?

    Do you have any anti spam components setup on your transport hub server?

    Is there in the smtp protocol log showing messages being rejected ?
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