I have been having problems with a classroom full of computer which I deployed Windows 7 onto (You may know this, if you read some of my other threads)

The Problem I have had is that when I was using a non Admin account, when I clicked on a program short cut that was from the server (Redirected Start Menu)

It didn't launch, and nothing happended, this was even with a group policy object with nothing but start and desktop redirection.

This same policy worked on a xp machine, so this was nothing to do with folder/security permissions. The programes worked from the local version of the shortcut that was in the start menu.

So it looks to resolve this problem the shortcuts need to be on the client hard drive for some reason

Has this needs to be done, I might has well get the mandatory profiles copied to the hard drive too, to speed up logons

I created a MSI using Installsheild 2010 trial. I made it so it copied the profiles to the root of the hard drive.

But the problem is when I add it to group policy, it keeps coming back with an error message... Said something like, does not meet any criterias

Any ideas anyone?

Would it be because it cant even find one dll or exe, like you would normally have in an installer?