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Windows Thread, Skype Issue in Technical; Has anyone successfully set up video conferencing on skype? A teacher at my school wishes for me to set it ...
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    Skype Issue

    Has anyone successfully set up video conferencing on skype?
    A teacher at my school wishes for me to set it up, which I would attempt
    But the LEA has blocked all Skype sites! Idiots.

    Is skype allowed out through the proxy?

    Any setup guides very welcome guys, Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommccann View Post
    the LEA has blocked all Skype sites!
    How do you mean, all Skype sites? You mean you just can't download the client? You can download it at home and bring it in on CD or something, it's not that big.

    I don't know the exact details of Skype's protocol, but I do seem to remember them being quite proud of the way it would get through a large number of proxies and firewalls. Skype was designed with home ADSL/cable users in mind, with both ends of the connection having a NAT firewall, so there's some cunningness involved in there somewhere to work around that - try installing the Skype client and see what happens.

    For web cams, I've found the £10 Currys own-brand device to be pretty good. Not their £8 one, you want the USB one with built-in microphone. It just plugs in and works on Windows, no driver needed.

    David Hicks

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