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Windows Thread, Delprof at shutdown? in Technical; finally got round to testing a shutdown script for our ASUS Eeepc's to clear the machines of user profiles using ...
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    Delprof at shutdown?

    finally got round to testing a shutdown script for our ASUS Eeepc's to clear the machines of user profiles using DELPROF. (would like to roll this out to classrooms eventually)

    at 1st i tried this as a bat file but it would just sit at the running shutdown scripts, after running it as a VBS and adding a sleep command i was able to see why.

    it appears its asking if i would like to run delprof (yes/no)

    so how do i stop delprof from asking to run?

    Dim WSHShell
    Set WSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    WSHShell.Run "\\servername\NETLOGON\DELPROF.exe /Q /I"
    wscript.sleep 10000

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    The /q bit should supress for any prompting. I run mine from the shutdown scripts folder in machine policy but from a batch file. Works no problem.

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    Delprof is cool but just a word of warning lol a colleague of mine uses it a lot and decided to put it in as a group policy so anyone who authenticates to the network gets "delprofed".

    works great until a teacher who uses a laptop for personal use, had all her Wedding and holiday pictures on as her pc machine died. authenticated to the school network and bang all gone.

    she was a little annoyed to say the least.

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    Also (and I don't know if its just oyr setup) - delprof onlt seems to delete the "kosher" profiles - lots of ours have multiple profile areas where staff & students have just pulled the power - these never get cleaned up and we had to script it instead.

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