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Windows Thread, Prevent students from changing any wireless network settings in Technical; I have setup some of the settings but the students can still change the wireless networks. I want to set ...
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    Prevent students from changing any wireless network settings

    I have setup some of the settings but the students can still change the wireless networks. I want to set it up in group policy so that they have no access to the wireless setting. Only Administrators would. Can someone help me out?


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    Create an ou and place a laptops in the ou.

    Now create a group policy and name it something sensible like wifi setting

    Now edit the group policy.

    Expand Computer Configuration > Security Settings. You'll notice a node called Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11) Policies

    Right-click Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11) Policies and select Create Wireless Network Policy

    Set the setting that you require.

    When you have finished close the group policy

    Plug the laptop into the network with an network cable and log on as an admin and do a start run and type gpupdate /force /boot and the computer will reboot.

    Now unplug the cable and test the wifi connection. The settings you have set will be greyed out.


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    The recommend approach would be:

    User Config > Admin Templates > Network > Network Connections

    The policies are self explanatory really

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    I had same issue a few weeks back.
    I tied with GPO but still the kids could disconnect the wifi.

    I found a great script online and now run.

    I posted the code in one of my recent posts.

    If i find it i'll link here. The script totally hides the wireless icon from task tray.

    Had no issues since.

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    Ok im not 100% sure if you have your answer yet or not, seeing as how this thread is years old, but here is what i found to solve this problem. first place all of your computers that you want to have blocked from other wifi networks into an OU. Create a new GPO and link it to the new OU. Go to Computer Configuration>Policies>Windows Settings>Security Settings>Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11) Policies. Create a new Policy (you are give 2 options, xp and vista and later) under the new policies properties, add a policy name and discription then click the Network Permissions Tab. From here you can add the networks that you do not want to deny them access to.

    I found that if you add the network that you want to give them access to it requires that you put the security key back in on the computer, So i just deny everything except what i want to leave. You can also prevent the machines from being able to connect to ad-Hocs from here as well.

    If you are wanting to block all unknown networks you will have to do the opposite and add the network you want and set it to allow, then tick the box to prevent connections to infrastructure. You will have to add a startup script to add the key backinto the machines. here is a great article on how to do this
    Thoughts of a Primary School Tech: Sending out Wireless Settings via GPO with Key

    i hope this helps.

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