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Windows Thread, servere error on creating msi in Technical; trying to rebuild an application into a msi never had a problem with previous versions of it. using winstall LE ...
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    Question servere error on creating msi

    trying to rebuild an application into a msi
    never had a problem with previous versions of it.
    using winstall LE

    it fails to create an msi but I am left with a NAI file I can convert, except stuck with 1 severe error

    Error: attempt to write a null value to a non-nullable field (Directory.DefaultDir).

    the only mention of nul in the file is


    not sure if that's relevant to the problem or not. anyone can help me out here?

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    havent really used winintall

    first off

    Is this a clean install pc, this is recommened when converting packages

    What I woud say, this program has never failed for me. Reinstall the operating system again and install admin studio demo, and use the converter package on that,,,,, Most recommened

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    The latest versions of promissor administrator extract an msi to your temporary folder.

    While the installer is still running copy these files to your deployment folder.

    You need to run the msi as following to set the datapath

    Administrator.msi datapath="datapath to your server"

    I expect this can be done via gpo by adding an argument to it?


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