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Windows Thread, WSUS selfupdate not running in Technical; Just a note about WSUS . I had a WSUS 3 server, which I could run the mmc consol for, ...
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    WSUS selfupdate not running

    Just a note about WSUS.

    I had a WSUS 3 server, which I could run the mmc consol for, however it wouldn't run updates.
    I checked common places.

    This forum seems to have a lot of helpful WSUS info:
    WSUS Support Forums

    However the issue happened to be with IUSR (anon web access user)
    My WSUS server used to a DC, when it was demoted it removed the IUSR from the local users group.

    I put the IUSR_(insert your server name here) back in the local user group, and a restart of IIS and 'update services' and clients started reporting in.

    Before that, if you browsed to the WSUS page with http://wsusserver/selfupdate/iuident.cab - you'd get access denied - even if it looked like you had all the perms set correctly in IIS for WSUS.

    Hope that helps someone

    Ah yes, there is a page that gave me a clue on Microsoft's site:
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    I had a problem like this when I demoted a wsus server and had to strip off wsus and reinstall it its a permissions things and I could not work out where.


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