Hi All,

Recently a senior member of staff wanted to synchronise his files to/from a smartphone to his (Domain) desktop computer. He already gets e-mails sent to his phone via Exchange & 3G/GPRS.

We had installed ActiveSync onto the desktop and hooked up the smartphone via USB. After performing a synchronisation of files and favourites, we found that every file had an synching error and needed resolving. If we click on Resolve and we end up with an error for every file that required synchronisation.

I can manually Explore the smartphone's folders and also cut/copy/paste files to and from the smartphone.

I have a feeling that the sync error is to do with the computer's "My Documents" has been redirected to our servers and that ActiveSync is failing with UNCs and/or share$. Is there a way to define which folder(s) on the computer and/or smartphone (or any Windows Mobile phone) that ActiveSync and sync with?

I have seen a different forum suggesting a Registry modification, but that only renamed the required sub-folder (to a custom name) nested within the default "My Documents" folder. Any ideas?

-- Many Thanks