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Windows Thread, Default Settings in Technical; Hi All, I'm wondering if someone could offer me some much needed advise. I have just started work at a ...
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    Default Settings

    Hi All,

    I'm wondering if someone could offer me some much needed advise. I have just started work at a new college that is running Novell Netware 6.5. I for one have always "done" things the Windows way and its difficult to know where novell ends and where windows begins (if you know what I mean).

    Recently we have a few extremely common issues that I would normally just fix by logging in locally on the machine. On Novell I find that it makes use of the "Default User" folder in Windows a lot to which I have no idea how I can edit the settings in there.

    Some problems I'm having are:

    1. Setting the default printer and having the setting store for all users that login to that machine. I know this is normally set by a policy but its only one particular user who is having the issue.

    2. Setting the page size to A4 rather than letter. This is something that previously I would do by editing the normal.dot template, this doesn't work for some reason.

    3. Changing the dictionary in Office to U.K instead of U.S. Again I know how to change it, just don't know how I can get the setting to stick for all users that login to a machine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. It might just be me being stupid but I have come from working on an RM CC3 network and Netware 6.5 is a whole new monster!


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    1. I would script printer addition
    2. Office usually detects the printer's default paper size (set it in the printer's setup on your print server and it should configure the client too)
    3. If you log on to a machine with admin rights, you can change all the settings, log off and copy that profile to Default User and all your settings will be copied.

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