Hyperlinks built into the desktop background. Anyone else find it useful?

I always wondered why more people don’t use this idea. Perhaps it’s not as useful in mainstream schools or I just don’t got to the right schools. Either way I hope this is useful for someone.

My desktop background is a simple HTM page with a row of links on the right hand side to useful websites and areas of the network.

In my old school I used to have 3 versions one for pupils, a big black box in the middle with staff written at the top of the page and a large box with an orange/brown colour with admin on. Now I just stick to the one version.

My current version is here http://www.beechhill.notts.sch.uk/files/Wallpaper.zip feel free to use it. Hopefully it’s useful to someone who’s not thought of this before. Around Xmess I put falling snow on and other pointless things that slow down the PC. Speaking of which I must get a Halloween version ready.