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Windows Thread, NetSupport and DNS Problems? in Technical; We are having trouble with what i think are DNS issues which is causing problems with staff not being able ...
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    NetSupport and DNS Problems?

    We are having trouble with what i think are DNS issues which is causing problems with staff not being able to use NetSupport.

    The problem is we have recently re-imaged a few rooms in the school, for example the library on Monday morning. On NetSupport it is set to search for clients in that OU which start with the hostname "R21" so when it should find 30+ it currently only picks up 1 (r20-21) if i open up a CMD prompt and ping R20-21 i get responses as expected. However if i ping any of the other computers in the room by hostname it fails to resolve the name but will work if you ping by IP.

    So im no expert but it sounds as if DNS is not working properly and not updating like it should. So my question is how do i get the teachers pc updated to be able to ping and contact all the pc's (ideally in the school) by hostname?

    We work with a managed service so im not going to be able to make any high level changes so i want to know exactly what to tell them when i report this or else they will take their normal 3 months "investigating" no doubt.

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    Have you got NetSupport Gateway enabled? It helps with the IP address and name resolution as I found NSS on its own had a habit of storing IPs that were well past their lease-by date at times

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    I used to work with netsupport and once it searches for a machine name it remembers the ip of the machine. If you have ghosted a lot of machine they will undoughtedly have a different ip. You can either go into the properties of each machine in netsupport and change the ip address to the correct one.

    Or in the properties of the netsupport have it search for all the machines starting with say rmxx. Delete all the machines in the console of netsupport and restart netsupport and it will find them again.

    Just an idea


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