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Windows Thread, Start.exe on USB sticks in Technical; On a number of USB memory sticks Symantec Endpoint Security flags up the file 'start.exe' as a potential virus/trojan. On ...
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    Start.exe on USB sticks

    On a number of USB memory sticks Symantec Endpoint Security flags up the file 'start.exe' as a potential virus/trojan.

    On some forums it's been stated that it's used for autorun purposes and some others suggesting it is indeed the aforementioned.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    Could be either - a file named start.exe will run when you load a CD, so it could be a harmless autorun or it could be something nasty, it all depends what the exe actually does. What is the source of said file?

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    More and more USB sticks come loaded with their own launch programs these days, such as SanDisk's LaunchU3.exe, that autoruns when the stick is plugged in. They're basically a GUI for accessing files on the drive, as well as managing portable apps.
    If it's on a USB stick, there is a chance it's a similar type of file... however I've not heard of one simply named "start.exe" on a USB stick which suggests to me that it could indeed be a malicious file type.

    You'd have to take a look at an offending drive, if possible...
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