I am desperate for some help. Having searched MS support and user forums, I cannot find any knowledge base or or solutions to my problem.

Today sometime this afternoon i started getting calls about people getting blank screens after they have logged in, we use server 2003 and xp clients everything was running smooth as this morning but now all but a few cannot log back into the network, the problem is Upon start-up/re-boot, NO desktop icons or taskbar (only wallpaper). I have to access files\programs through Task Manager\File\New Task (Run). The only way I've found to restore the *normal* display is to open Windows Explorer, which doesn't launch Windows Explorer but instead restores desktop icons/taskbar.

Same happens on the server unless i log in as administrator, it's now 12:30am been trying to remote in and fix the issue since 5pm, if anyone has experienced this before and managed to fix it would be grateful for some advice!