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Windows Thread, XP installation issue on dual-boot in Technical; Hi all. I've recently purchased a new desktop and I'm in the process of installing Windows 7 and XP in ...
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    XP installation issue on dual-boot

    Hi all.
    I've recently purchased a new desktop and I'm in the process of installing Windows 7 and XP in a dual boot configuration. I have the following partions:
    200GB for Windows 7
    100GB for XP
    400GB for data

    Installed Windows 7 first, all was fine, I can boot into Windows 7, everything works.

    When installing XP I go through the first few blue screens, select the 100GB partition as the destination and the installation starts copying across files. Once it's copied all the installation files it says it's going to restart. It restarts and I get a 'Disk Read Error - Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart'

    I cannot continue the installation, so far I've tried 3 different XP disks and every different setting for the SATA mode in BIOS (Compatible, Enhanced etc).

    Any help would be great, googling gives me info about failing HDD's or scratched media, but all my media is fine and the HDD is brand new.

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    I think this is due to windows 7's new system boot partition. I would have put XP on first and then 7 as it will recognise the older OS and put a link in the boot menu for it.

    I have a similar setup with win7 and ubuntu but had to put windows on first as it didn't recognise the ubuntu install

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    Yes to get it working straight off the bat, you need to install the older OS first, then the newer one. Installing XP when 7 is already installed messes up the MBR. Let XP create the MBR then let 7 recreate it with XP and 7 in.

    I had to do that with XP -> Vista -> 7.

    You could put in the 7 disk and run startup recovery. It should recreate the MBR/Boot Manager and detect XP as an installation on there too.

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