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Windows Thread, Starting Internet explorer as soon as XP starts in Technical; Hi Is there a way to force a machine to log on as soon as it starts on a guest ...
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    Starting Internet explorer as soon as XP starts


    Is there a way to force a machine to log on as soon as it starts on a guest account and open up internet explorer to run a copy of our website.

    Basically we are trying to put a basic machine in our reception area so that parents can access policies that are on our website.

    I want the machine to be locked down so that it only opens Internet explorer and user not to be able to do anything else.


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    Just set it up with one account, no password. Put a shortcut in the startup folder which will execute
    iexplore -k www.ourwebsite.com

    Edit: that wouldn't be very locked down though, maybe easier to use a linux distribution like thinstation and do something simlilar with firefox.
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    You can make a pretty good lock down policy with Microsoft's SteadyState. Create a local use with that tool and you can limit what programs they can run, what they have access to, and probably including which web sites.

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    I've done something similar to this with a testing website for the students You need to set up a log on script with gpedit.msc and some machine system settings. Your best bet is to create a standard user account and remove the computer from the domain. Then you can set the account to log in without requiring a password.

    Firstly on the computer bit of the local machine group policy go to system\scripts and set maximum wait time for logon scripts to 0. This means the logon scripts will run until terminated or they finish.
    In the logon script put the following
    "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -k http://yourwebsite
    This runs IE in Kiosk mode so no toolbars are visable. You can exit this with the usual Alt-F4 command but then the second line of the script kicks in and logs you off.
    If you want you can put the script into the startup folder in the start menu for the user. That way if you need to do any maintenance you can just log off your user and log in as admin with no script

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    You could also just leave it on the network and provide an internet account which is locked down to only allow internet access. Just put IE in the startup folder and leave the home address as your website?

    Remember to put up an AUP incase they browse things they shouldn't

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    There is also a registry key that *runs* the start menu explorer.exe on log on which you could change to run IE which means it will log off too potentially.

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    I would recommend locking the homepage using a GPO, then place a shortcut to IE within the Startup folder (as mentioned above). This is the easiest option.

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    We have done this before numerous times. I would suggest a few parts from all the suggestions above:

    1. Install SteadyState and severely lock down all the settings possible. I can provide my student steadystate file if need be.

    2. Have the PC connected to the network, but not the domain. In the registry, setup the machine to autologon as soon as the PC turns on.

    Follow instructions here:
    3. Place iexplore.exe in the startup folder of the said user. Set the said users homepage to whichever website you wish. (Do this in step one inside steadystate, and also lock down all the IE settings in steadystate).

    4. Also in steadystate you can specify allowed web addresses. Set it to only allow the one you wish and viola.

    5. You now have a machine which auto logs on (even when you log off unless you hold shift), opens up IE and only allows you on the one page you wish with every other program or facility locked down.

    Hope this guide helps some.

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