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Windows Thread, Unable to set default printer in Technical; I've got a computer where I can't set the default printer - none of the available printers will accept being ...
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    Unable to set default printer

    I've got a computer where I can't set the default printer - none of the available printers will accept being et to the default - I can work around this in most applications but publisher gets very upset at not being able to find a default printer (and the teacher is the most prolific user of publisher in the universe )

    I tried deleting all files in the spooler folder and removing all drivers using the file | server properties window as per a previous thread - I re-added our networked printer and even tried a adding the generic txt file printer but I still can't set either as a default.

    As its the class machine connected to smartboard with specific software for just that class (including the dreaded Abacus ) I don't want to have to clone it from another machine.

    As usual with me - its just a standalone XP Pro not on a domain - single user - full admin rights.



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    Hi mate, thought I would try and help you. Did some searching and found a few things which may help:

    1.Set the printer as default one in the registry:

    The value is located at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\ and the name is Device.

    It would resemble one of the following:

    \\SERVER\HPLASER,winspool,Ne00: or DESKJET,winspool,LPT1:

    The Ne00 is a network port and LPT1 a local port as I am guessing you know.

    2.Also, you could try The tool setprinter.exe which is included in Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools. It is a command line tool.

    Setprinter.exe: Spooler Configuration Tool

    C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools>setprinter /? and the detailled syntax is in rktools.chm Help file.

    Hope one of these may work?

  3. 2 Thanks to FreelanceX:

    Rawns (21st February 2011), SimpleSi (5th November 2009)

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    Old thread I know but just had the same problem, and the reg key solution worked a treat! Thanks!

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    had this on server 2003

    had to delete the administrator profile and the system recreated it on next boot

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    Thanks - the reg fix worked for me - the Windows key was missing altogether so exported it from a working user then imported it. Great

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    Hi, I had this problem due to a virus.

    The virus modified the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\load for start on the user session, and it modified the permissions of the parent key of the registry for not allow the modification of the values inside.

    How the user could not modify the Device value Windows doesn't allows to change the default printer.

    My fix was:
    - Start regedit as Administrator
    - look for the previous key on HKEY_USERS (if you use HKEY_CURRENT_USER you will be modifying the administrator key), each user it's show with his SID. For see the user SID you could run in a command line the command "wmic useraccount get name,sid"
    - Do a Right click on the Windows key and select Permissions.
    - Press Advanced button.
    - Remove all the permissions.
    - Click the inherit ... checkbox.
    - Click OK.

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