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Windows Thread, Roaming profiles + empty folders in Technical; Had a situtaion today, which I have seen before but not being able to recreate, where a user with a ...
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    Roaming profiles + empty folders

    Had a situtaion today, which I have seen before but not being able to recreate, where a user with a roaming profile logs in, and they are left with all their folders on their desktop empty.

    When they log in all their docs just disappear, very strange. Any ideas?

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    Had a similar one where a user logged in it copied all the folders from another user to their folder, then deleted the users folder it was copying from! Not quite the same but it was all tied up with me altering a default user profile I had created, unlocking it making changes etc. Had to create a new home folder for the user that had all their data moved elsewhere and job sorted, not exactly a fix but a work around, no more problems so far. Would not have noticed it except they had loads of photos stored in and it just killed our network when two or three users using the default profile logged in causing all the other users data to be copied across the network!
    Anyway, have you made any changes to profiles recently maybe?

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