Being 6'2" and 20 stone, I AM the AUP!

Anyone mucking about with network security like that needs a kick and quickly. I cannot think of one decent honest reason for this member of staff to be secretly playing with Ranger services. If my technician has an idea that needs Ranger stopping then she'd let me know and I'd let her get on with it. This member of staff needs dragging up before the principal. And then turning into kebabs. Oh, and then you might like to think about locking things down a little.

How about a Ranger React task that pops up a message when this user tries it next time? Scare the living daylights out of them with a message saying something like "WARNING. Your screen has been captured as you are attempting to bypass network security." capture their screen and show it to the head honcho.

This job can make one such a cheery type!