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Windows Thread, Visual Login and other primary related stuff? in Technical; Originally Posted by Oakie Since I only have 5 minutes between classes, . That's the problem. We have a voting ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakie View Post
    Since I only have 5 minutes between classes, .
    That's the problem. We have a voting system that hasn't been used in years. It's just too much of a hassle getting it set up and put away. We are having a new library built soon and I'm thinking of fixing up in there, so they can just come in and collect the remotes. Still have to create the material though.

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    Well as much as id like to tell the teaching staff what to do i cant really i can only configure things how they want it lol.

    I have said that really they should be teaching the kids what they need to do regards logging in but they say its too time consuming etc hence my idea of a windows xp esque logon screen with boxes for each year group to click and then use their passwords.

    I know i could do it if i took them off the domain but i dont like that idea.

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    what about just setting it to remember the last logged in user? rather than blanking the username box and removing ctrl alt del requirement

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    Logging on can be a problem for SEN pupils who have poor/no literacy skills as their passwords tend to be extremely short (since they can't remember/spell anything longer).

    Some of my special school pupils have logins at the local comp, who have stricter password policies (capital letter & number required) and setting up passwords for them was an absolute nightmare. We ended up picking words from the login screen (eg vista, windows) with a memorable number on the end.

    I can see how this could be a problem for younger pupils too (and saying they have to learn this skill doesn't help the ones with no literacy ).

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    I think I have what you're looking for:
    I use a free program called CCLogon, which was written by Crash Course Software. It is no longer available for download from their website. You might be able to get them to email it to you ask. Alternatively, PM me and I can send you my MSI package for it. You'll have to edit this MSI, however, for your domain settings.
    It sits infront of the windows logon and provides a customisable logon interface. I've set it up so the colours and logos make it look like the standard non-domain logon. Each year group has it's own domain logon with no password, the kids click on their year name and then click logon - easy. Older children and staff can access the standard logon by holding shift and clicking.

    It has one bug: When windows update installs updates that require a restart, it prevents the computer from restarting itself. When people try to logon it says 'wrong password'. It's rarely a problem. People just need to know to restart or use shift click (whereupon the computer will restart anyway).
    I think it will only work with XP.

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    And on the far side....

    I don't run any machines as domain clients. And the world still turns

    I have one logon (pupil - no password) that is set to autologon and then I run an Autoit script to present a simple Gui with the names of the classes (and a staff only option) that maps the P: drive to the relavent class pupil folders on a shared folder.



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