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Windows Thread, Playing Music and DVD in classroom in Technical; is it legal to download and play music off itunes in a classroom also any other music sites...
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    Playing Music and DVD in classroom

    is it legal to download and play music off itunes in a classroom also any other music sites

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    I suspect you intend to find out because you are thinking you are responsibe for such matters.

    If a member of staff plays copyright material to a class, and has not checked to see if they are legally able to do so, is at fault not anyone from the IT department.

    If it concerns you, email the appropriate SMT members and notify them of your concerns and let them sort it. Does not answer your question, but im of the mind that so long as its not stored on the network then its not your problem. Staff have to take responsibility for their actions, and follow the policy SMT have in place.

    Most legal blurb on copyright material state you cannot, without permission. If your school/authority has such an agreement in place only they will know. Otherwise its a licence like cafe's and public places have I think.

    Im my case I followed my own advice and SMT do what ever they do and its now out of my hands.

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