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Windows Thread, Onscreen keyboard- Need reg file in Technical; hi guys, i have a problem right now. my keyboard is completely ruined, leaving me with no way to access ...
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    Onscreen keyboard- Need reg file

    hi guys, i have a problem right now. my keyboard is completely ruined, leaving me with no way to access my admin account. this is leaving me with vey limited access and permissions. one of these include the inability to edit rregistry files on my computer. i tried the methods i found on


    i need is a registry file; that will add osk.exe into the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Cu rrentVersion\Winlogon\System registry, so that i can attempt to run it as admin and hopefully get my onscreen kyboard up at winlogon, i do not know hw to scrpt such things so if anyone could help me-or even has a better idea/solution it would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks, ps. sorry for the punctuation, on-screen keyboard is a pain in the buttox.

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    Why not just plug in a new keyboard if it's damaged/ruined? The onscreen keyboard would be an incredibly slow way of working.

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