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Windows Thread, dual screens, one vga one dvi! HELP in Technical; Here's a dinner time one for you guys! I have a hp dc5800, putting in a Geforce 8400 gs graphics ...
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    dual screens, one vga one dvi! HELP

    Here's a dinner time one for you guys!

    I have a hp dc5800, putting in a Geforce 8400 gs graphics card in, but want to run dual screens with a 21" HP L1908w (only has vga) and a HP L1950 (vga and DVI), the graphics card only has a DVI input...

    got all the cables to hook this up to as well as a vga male to DVI female adapter.... meaning hooking up my vga only monitor to this adapter so it outputs DVI.... will this work? ive tested it at work and get a blank screen on the vga only input!

    If not how can i get around this......

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    Should work fine.

    8400gs > dvi > HPL1950
    8400gs > dvi to vga adapter > HPL1908

    Set to extend desktop in windows, done!

    If there's no output on the VGA only monitor, then either the socket, cable, or adapter is duff, trial and error fault finding should then ensue!


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    What is the resolution set too?
    I would drop the resolution down a little just to make sure that it is in range if set too high.

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    hey there, sometimes the resolution doesn't help ( and the drivers arent very goo)
    try ultramon www dot realtimesof dot com , its what i use and is more powerful than the standard feature you get to extend your desktop

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