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Windows Thread, Making changes to Active Directory Structure.. in Technical; Hi, I currently have our school OU split between Computers & Users. Users are then further sub-divided in to Staff ...
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    Making changes to Active Directory Structure..


    I currently have our school OU split between Computers & Users.
    Users are then further sub-divided in to Staff & Pupils.
    Pupils are then further sub-divided in to three OU's 3000s, 4000s and 5000s.

    Student logon name is their 4 digit SIMS admissions no. and they are obviously then placed in the correct folder 3000 or 4000 or 5000.

    I set the description field to the year group they are in so I can batch edit the year groups if I need to.

    What benefit would there be to altering my setup and creating separate OU's for years 7 through to 13?

    Could I break anything by doing this?

    Our LEA provided Smartcache box which links to A.D. would just require a refresh I believe to pick up the new OU's - I would just need to check that the filtering is still working.


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    We have ou's for each intake year and it makes life a lot easier at the end of a year when you have all the students in one year in an intake ou they are easy to disable in one go. It also makes it easier using intakes rather than years as you dont have to promote students every year as they will stay in the intake xx untill they leave. I name students with surname,first letter forname, first letter middle name and last to digits of year eg 09 so I can find them easier. It also helps with things like moodle as I can search for all students ending in xx to disable the accounts.

    You also have one other benefit in that you can apply different policies to a year so say you need to tighten or loosen resitrictions or give the users different software you can manage that through group policy.


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    It doesn't really matter how Active Directory is setup, providing the user gets the results you want. I would only make changes if it's going to make your job managing the network easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    It doesn't really matter how Active Directory is setup
    It does if you have systems which authenticate from AD ie LDAP

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