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Windows Thread, Power Settings. in Technical; So far this has wasted an entire day of my time. All I want to do is stop the laptops ...
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    Power Settings.

    So far this has wasted an entire day of my time.

    All I want to do is stop the laptops going on standby when the lid is closed. A simple setting in windows, when you change it as an administrator, it changes it globally for the laptop. Brilliant, I'll run Regshot and find out what registry settings it's changing when I make the change.

    I identified 4 different parts of the registry which change, so I make these into a single .REG file, script it to run at startup and test it, and as you've probably guessed, it doesn't work The registry file is being applied correctly, I've verrified that by checking the registry remotely before and after the script has run, and the settings are being applied to the registry, but the laptop still goes to sleep when you close the lid.

    I've spent the best part of a day now changing various registry settings in the hope of getting the right combination to force this setting to change via a startup script, but I just can't get it to work whatever I do, the only way it changes is if I logon as administrator and make the change manually.

    There must be a way of doing this, I can't believe there isn't, so can anyone tell me what part of the registry it changes for that particular global setting because I really can't find it!


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    Right, first breath... feel better?
    Look up group policy prefenences, you need edit the policy on vista/7/2008 but the little addon thats free on windows update enalbes the client to read them.
    GPP can set those very settings for you using a GP approach which hopefully will sort you out. XP has a really badly implemented Power settings registry involving binary parts etc so its a nightmare but GPP will do it for free for you and you can also use it for TONS of other things. We have had it here for ages now.

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    Not sure if this will aid you BUT.......[ this is what I do when I hit problems ]
    Remove all user profiles [ DelProf ] from the PC
    Logon as Admin or what ever - make changes in the power options from the control panel.
    From another PC copy the NTUSER.DAT file from the account you made the change on somewhere. [ Shared area ]
    Copy the new NTUSER.DAT to the All Users & Default User account [ overwrite ]
    Logon LOCALLY as Admin & then logoff.
    Now logon as a user and check to see what happens........
    This is a VERY long winded approach but has got me out of a tis sometimes.....

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