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Windows Thread, Essential software installs on a new image? in Technical; This years' image included... A folder on the C: called #INSTALL with all the exe source files for the freeware ...
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    This years' image included...

    A folder on the C: called #INSTALL with all the exe source files for the freeware installers and also all the drivers (just in case a program asks for them, got caught with this once and never again!)

    Flash (transformed MSI install and MMS.cfg tweak for auto updates)
    Java (transformed MSI install to disable updates etc)
    Adobe Reader (transformed MSI install)
    K-Lite Codec Pack (might move to XP Codec pack next time)
    Microsoft Photo Story 3
    Hot Potatoes
    Quicktime Alternative
    Real Alternative
    Microsoft Works Converter
    DVD Flick (open source DVD burning app, converts anything to DVD )
    GIMP (chucked it on this year as an example of a free image editing app)
    Image Resizer PowerToy
    All .NET versions via Windows Update

    If using K-Lite Codec pack the AC3 filter in the pack doesn't seem to work, had to download it from the main site and send it out via SMS to get it working this year so worth checking that in your build...

    Quote Originally Posted by mac_shinobi View Post
    Just curious with regards to imaging if machines start to slow down etc ie after a couple of terms worth of usage do people just re image the computers or do you go around and delete un needed local profiles, temp files, defrag the hdd etc or what exactly ?
    Any signs of virus damge... reimage
    Any sign of corrupted Windows install... reimage
    Profile corruption... clear local profile

    Takes so little time to re-image and be back up on the network usually it's the easiest solution. We also keep some spare machines we can just drop in while the original is being nursed back to health so the rooms aren't a machine down in the meantime

    We usually image every year now but unless there's another nasty virus outbreak this year I'm hoping I won't need to next summer as there's some real PITA apps that need manual setup and some apps (Adobe CS4 I mean you!) seems to want one-to-one attention as well... what would I do without NetSupport School
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    Logistix Update Packs. Take a look at the File Library

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    Is there anything else that has come along since the last post that would be worth while including in a master image file for all Windows 7 machines?

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    a useful website for some of the stuff you need to download and install is Ninite Easy PC Setup - Download/Install Multiple Programs At Once you pick what you want to download, click run, it downloads and installs it for you! very helpful!

  5. Thanks to nephilim from:

    JJonas (22nd February 2010)

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    PDFXchange instead of Adobe Reader

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