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Windows Thread, USB help :S in Technical; Hi all, Basically my PC was blue screening, I had a look in the case and my heatsink has fallen ...
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    USB help :S

    Hi all,

    Basically my PC was blue screening, I had a look in the case and my heatsink has fallen off my cpu. I've replaced the motherboard, cpu, and heat sink and everything is working again. The only problem is my mouse and USB internet dongle isn't working anymore? I can put another mouse in that port and it will work but the old mouse and dongle just wont work anymore. I've tested the mouse and dongle in another pc the one I'm on at the moment and everything is fine? Any ideas??

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    Do you have the correct drivers?

    I've had all sorts of fun with USB port drivers not being installed on a machine restore.

    Take a look at the Device manager and check there aren't any unexpected exclamation marks.

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    I'd have to agree a possible driver issue, although usually you should get some notification USB hardware has been plugged in.

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