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Windows Thread, pupil user area server folder conventions in Technical; after reading johan's post about his user profile issue. I'm wondering what convention other people use on their pupil user ...
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    pupil user area server folder conventions

    after reading johan's post about his user profile issue.

    I'm wondering what convention other people use on their pupil user area server folder structure

    we have them split between 2 servers for starters and then

    their userarea follows this convention


    so like year7 that started in September are in

    the teachers access the areas through a DFS (\\domain\pupils) that links all the year folders.

    Apart from having to have a crib sheet on the wall to remember where things/people are this kind of thing works great and the teachers are happy too.

    usernames are first lettter of first name + first 5 letters of surname
    staff usernames are their staff code the admin office generates for them.

    the script I have for making userareas in bulk checks and gives them username1 or username2 where necessary
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    It's the same at my schools... \\server\year they started$\username
    It's always worked fine and never thrown up any problems.

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    we don't have individaul shares

    we map h: to the DFS \\school\DFS\HOME\YEARJOINED\%username%
    or staff would go \\school\DFS\HOME\STAFF\%username%
    with Home being the shared folder / DFS Target thingy me bob...
    (year joined equates to wqhen they would have joined in year 7 so year groups are together)
    which makes it nice and easy for moving the home drives around from server to server and no one notices!

    our usernames don't follow a convetion the lower three years are all firstname.lastname the rest are a mix but mostly firstinitalLastname

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    we have individual shares like this

    \\server\year group\full name - this ties in with our AD which is mapped the same way. User names are Full names.

    Staff log ins are done via initials etc.

    this prevents confusion as we have had lots of pupils with the same names/initials as staff which screwed up the convention, we do the full name (including middle names).

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    we have them all users on one server. \\servername\users\students\_yeartheystarted\%user name%
    the _yearthey started just so they are at the top of the folder, but if it was a staff account just \\servername\users\staff\%username%

    the share being the Users folder, then the rest defined permissons NTFS permissons, we follow the naming convention of the Grid for learning logins that all our students have for there email, which is first 4 letters of surname, first initial, then three numbers

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