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Windows Thread, TS Licensing in Technical; Man the new 2008 R2 licensing is making my head spin, doe sanyone use it. In a ideal world I ...
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    TS Licensing

    Man the new 2008 R2 licensing is making my head spin, doe sanyone use it.

    In a ideal world I would like a TS server sitting in our network where teachers can connect to and run Sims and get to their work using the Remote Desktop that comes with XP SP3.

    I've got a bit of space on a Hyper-V to install another 2008r2 server for testing so I fancy having a play.

    Any idea of the costs would be great too and if I have to buy a cal for each teacher or I can get away with just getting 10 temp licenses.

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    It depends upon how you license at the moment.

    If we assume that you use SELECT licensing, I would suggest that you use per device licensing and purchase a device CAL for each teacher laptop used for access. The reason I suggest this is that you will need Office licenses too which are only per device.

    If you use a subscription agreement, you will need Windows Remote licenses and preferably Work at home rights for your staff s that any machine can be used by them.

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